Make Friends from Across the World

Summer Camps Canada international campersAny experience shared with a friend is an experience more enjoyable. With such a fresh and positive atmosphere, friendships come to a great life-enriching camp life.

Leaving camp, our campers keep in touch as the friendships gained here are between people who see each other daily and prove their loyalty by sharing their last bag of chips with each other. This kind of loyalty cannot be easily gained in a daily routine. Once it’s gained, it stays for a long time.

Where do our campers come from?

summer camps Canada

The majority of our campers are from the Greater Toronto Area, and eastern Ontario, but as many summer camps Canada, we host international groups and individual campers as well. There are students from Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Israel, Moldova, Romania; every year this list expands more and more.

More then a half of our campers return for their third year or more. The majority of newcomers come as a result of referrals from campers and camper families.

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