Water Trampoline? Water Slide? So cool!

Dive into Water Entertainment World!

summer camp programs - water slide

Climb the inflatable climbing wall or slide from the water slide into the beautiful Lake Huron! It is an amazing way to stay active and cool in the summer, as well as have loads of fun.

Water Trampoline anyone? Yes please!

Jump on the water trampoline, practice your front and back flips, or try to find your balance even for a few second when it’s wavy.

On a land trampoline, you can try to perform creative jumps, back and front flips, or just jump up and down for fun. A water trampoline on the other hand, requires maximum concentration to keep balance to stay on.

summer camp Toronto families trust - water funLearning to stay on is great for concentration, balance, and with a nice benefit of a refreshing dive in the water should you fall off.

Furthermore, there are other benefits to learning how to stay on. The process of balancing takes effort and makes the heart beat faster, which in turn makes it (one of the main organs in the body) stronger.

In addition, it is extremely fun and entertaining, especially trying to jump on land afterwards only to realize that gravity is still there. And we all know that doing something you like will give you better results, more dedication, as well as a feeling of accomplishment at the end.

summer camp Toronto kids love - surfing on kayaks

There’s no need to force yourself to do boring exercises when you can be getting the same results while trying new, incredibly fun things with engaging programs from the summer camp Toronto kids love!

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