Go Wild: Adventure Programs, Trips and Exploring

  • summer camp Toronto families chooseKayaking Trips,
  • Rock Climbing,
  • Treasure Hunting,
  • Olympic Games,
  • Night Trip,
  • Exploring the nature of provincial park,

the whole session is one big adventure at the summer camp Toronto families choose!
summer camp Toronto DiscoveryLand camp

Have you ever gone to a real night trip?

Have you ever explored the nature at night, observing the night sky so

amazing and different to what you are used to seeing every day above your head?

The shining night sky full of stars with the Milky Way cutting across the sky to join the still surface of Huron Lake are visible and untouched by the pollution cloud covering urban cities.

summer camp Toronto adventure campNothing compares to the beauty of nature, and seeing it through the goggles of the night gives campers a feeling of being one with the universe.

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