Creativity Boost: 22 Art/Dance/Show Programs

  • summer camp activities at art campVideo Productions,
  • Drama Classes,
  • Theatre Performances,
  • Improv, 
  • So You Think You Can Dance,
  • Disco Parties,
  • Cheerleading,
  • Shows: 

              -Advertising Show,              
              -Hair Style & Make Up Show,   
              -Designers Fashion Show, 
  58 summer camp activities at art camp             -Theme-of-the-day Event/Celebration,
              -Talent Show,

  • Face Painting,
  • Drama Classes,
  • Magic Tricks,
  • Disco Parties, 
  • Themed Dances,
  • Creative Craft Projects:

                   -Fun with Clue,
                   -Spool Knit Jewelry,
             dance summer camp activities at art camp      Origami,
                  -Rock Painting,
                  -Leather Jewelry,

You name it – most likely it’s in this list of creative summer camp activities!

Create your own fashionable outfit, make your own jewelry at a craft class, and become a supermodel at the Fashion Show! Support your favorite team at a Camp Football Championship with a brilliant cheerleading performance! Make your own unique hairstyle for the Hair Show! Act in the musical theatre performances or just have fun engaging in informal drama classes!

There are an unlimited number of ways to use your creativity, to have fun doing things you’ve never tried before. Art camp is a golden opportunity for children and teenagers to learn or sharpen their skills in the arts, and creativity while they discover more about themselves.

Unlike programs designed solely to build skills, we enjoy the process of building teams and friendships during rehearsals, costume-making and make up, as well as shinning in the final performance with tons of funny pictures that create long lasting memories.

DiscoveryLand Camp offers all the traditional magic of Canadian camp with 58 summer camp activities to choose. but a special focus is giving to costumed musical shows where everybody can freely express himself/herself and become a superstar!

Are these summer camp activity for you? Then book a spot now!

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