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Camp Disco at kids camp Toronto kids loveFashion show, camp disco, rock climbing, pirate day, hunted house night trip, independence day, hiking in the forest, yoga on the beach, you name it, we most likely have it!

Our days at kids camp are filled with great, diverse activities to fill whole 2 weeks from morning to evening. Each day is themed in different ideas and activities to match (Neptune Day, Olympic Games or Treasure Hunting anyone?), while maintaining regular exercise on land and in water and creative craft sessions.

Special evenings are always the thing to make the day go from great to fantastic, so keep on the look out for those. They can range anywhere from sitting around camp fire, burning marshmallow and listening to campfire stories – sometimes funny, sometimes mysterious – and  “So You Think You Can Dance”, Improv, theatre, camp disco –  we make sure you’ll never forget this summer.

kids camp Toronto: art programFor a more detailed description of all the fun activities you can have, please check out the Program page.

To ensure happy parents as well as happy campers, the camp staff always remembers that safe fun is double the fun!

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