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Enjoy New Fun Everyday

Fashion show, camp disco, rock climbing, pirate day, hunted house night trip, independence day, hiking in the forest, yoga on the beach, you name it, we most likely have it! Our days at kids camp are filled with great, diverse activities to fill whole 2 weeks from morning to evening. Each day is themed in […]

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Make Friends from Across the World

Any experience shared with a friend is an experience more enjoyable. With such a fresh and positive atmosphere, friendships come to a great life-enriching camp life. Leaving camp, our campers keep in touch as the friendships gained here are between people who see each other daily and prove their loyalty by sharing their last bag […]

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Experience Overnight Survival of the Fittest- If You Dare!

Once every session, a group of counselors take a group of volunteers among the campers to go on a Survival Trip –going into the wilderness overnight to practice the skills they got during Survival 101 event: how to build a shelter, set up a tent and start a fire. This is one of our recent […]

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Water Trampoline? Water Slide? So cool!

Dive into Water Entertainment World! Climb the inflatable climbing wall or slide from the water slide into the beautiful Lake Huron! It is an amazing way to stay active and cool in the summer, as well as have loads of fun. Water Trampoline anyone? Yes please! Jump on the water trampoline, practice your front and […]

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Look Better! Get healthier!

How overnight summer camps  will help you to look better and feel great? You’ve probably heard hundreds of times how exercise is good for your health. But did you know that it can actually help you feel good and even improve your mood? How do you benefit from physical activity in the overnight summer camps […]

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