Experience Overnight Survival of the Fittest- If You Dare!

DiscoveryLand Camp - kids camp, teen summer camp Once every session, a group of counselors take a group of volunteers among the campers to go on a Survival Trip –going into the wilderness overnight to practice the skills they got during Survival 101 event: how to build a shelter, set up a tent and start a fire. This is one of our recent ideas that caught on extremely fast over the past few years, with all the returning campers glowing with happiness and pride of their skills. In this short trip, they can experience what explorers go through to make discoveries, and learn a value of teamwork and co-operation on practice. The campers learn how to distribute duties and work together to travel with tents and food for one night, with friendships tested and made stronger.

adventure kids camp This trip is great for building character and working on endurance while learning how to survive in the wild and having many adventures. The councellors teach essential survival skills such as how to start a fire, navigate by stars, distinguish between edible and non-edible plants, animal habitats, and many more.

Trying out this amazing trip in kids camp will be a stark contrast to the comfort of your couch and experience a true night in the forest in a safe and natural environment.

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